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Take the stress out of tax time. Here is the best tax accountant and consultant from California

Tax consultant in California

Syriac CPA has the expertise to provide you with the Tax services in California that you need. Dedicated to keeping our tax preparation skills honed with continuing education courses throughout the year, we California based Tax Consultants cerritos, are highly qualified to prepare tax returns for all fifty states.

Our goal is to make the preparation process as easy as possible for you and minimize your tax liability with careful planning. Your tax preparation interview can be conducted either in person, by mail, or e-mail - whichever is most convenient for you. Whatever your circumstances may be, we are here to give you the best advice to help you get through life’s challenges.

Whether you need current year returns prepared or need to plan for retirement or your child’s education, our professional team can assist you with all of your needs.

This office provides many services, including the following:

  1. Individual Tax Preparation
  2. Business Tax Return Preparation
  3. Gift & Estate Tax Return Preparation
  4. Partnership & Corporate Tax Preparation
  5. Estate and Succession Planning
  6. Tax & Education Planning
  7. Out-of-State Returns
  8. Business Start-Ups

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The Best Tax Consulting Services in Cerritos

Tax is one of the biggest obligations and expenses that a person has to make. Your paycheck is the total amount of your salary minus taxes. The commodity that you are paying for has taxes, the investments that you will make have taxes, and the services that you need have taxes as well. However, there is an easy & convenient way to get rid of all these expenses or at least minimize the amount that you have to pay through reliable Tax Consulting Services offered by Syriac CPA.

What Is Tax Consulting?

A tax consultant is a person who is very familiar with tax laws and rules that you need to follow when spending your money and filing your returns. When you engage a tax consultant or utilize tax consulting services, you will be able to determine the things that you need to take care of to reduce taxes, to have more expendable money in your pocket. With the help of an expert, you will be able to reduce the amount that you have to pay without getting in trouble with the government.

Tax Preparation & Planning

As soon as March rolls around, many of us get ready to welcome the Spring season, but many worry about the Tax season & filling. Many of you might use your good Internet skills and take advantage of online tools to file taxes. However, most people, including experts, believe that the online tools fail to get you a significant tax refund. You should always depend on CPAs and tax preparers for tax preparation & help.

Tax Preparation & Planning

Either way, you will only get what you can get, and you cannot change anything now at this point to get more tax refunds than eligible. Some don't understand; it is too late to think about getting more tax deductions unless you planned in advance. You can only cut your taxes so far by taking deductions or using credits. This is actually where tax planning comes into play. Tax planning is frequently confused with tax preparation, with only planning being considered while preparing their annual tax return.

However, there is little you can do to lower your tax payment at that point. If you want to save money on taxes, you must be aware of tax planning options throughout the year. Take some time early in the year, perhaps during the tax preparation process, to review your tax situation and seek methods to reduce your tax burden. Consider a list of items such as the types of debt you have, the investments you hold and desire to dispose of, how you are saving for retirement & your children's education, and the tax-deductible costs you incur.

Tax planning also includes determining whether to file separately or jointly, timing the sale of your capital assets, deciding on the time of withdrawal of retirement funds, the timing & amount of providing gifts, and when to pay costs. By considering the tax implications of major financial decisions throughout the year, you can avoid discovering afterward that there was a better way to handle each transaction.

Go Beyond Tax Preparation

While the annual tax preparation ritual is often a must for entrepreneurs in every industry, many business owners don't know that their accountants can offer extensive insight and expertise that goes far beyond the dreaded April 15th deadline. While specializing in tax preparation, many qualified accounting firms like Syriac CPA offer the best Tax Consulting Services, including a comprehensive range of other core capabilities that can be useful to entrepreneurs throughout the year.

Go Beyond Tax Preparation

Not tapping into the many other services that a front-running CPA firm can offer may mean that you are missing out on some major business incentives within your organization. Some critical services to look for with your chosen accounting firm:

Business valuation: Understanding current market value and your own equity within the business can play a key role in helping you make the best investment decisions for your organization.

Succession & ownership transfer planning: No matter how well your company is thriving and growing, it's critical to be able to put together a plan of action for future leadership. Whether offering a legacy to your family or putting together the right leadership team of internal employees, understanding the legal requirements of succession planning can deliver the smoothest transition possible between various governance generations.

Real estate cost segregation: Cost segregation is a relatively new and legal method where business owners accelerate their tax depreciation deductions specific to their real estate ownership. Having an accounting team that understands this fledgling option can reap significant rewards and optimal overall ROI.

Bank covenant monitoring: Ever wish that you had a qualified team of experts working on your behalf regarding your business loans? Now you can. Many innovative accountants actually offer bank covenant monitoring to help manage all the details with any specific loan to keep your company in complete compliance at all times.

Employee benefit plans: Overwhelmed with the many ever-changing legal requirements of your employees' benefit plans? Working with a trusted firm of accountants can help give you the information you need for health benefits, 401K plans, and more to ensure that you are legally offering your employees everything that they are entitled to.

Other Vital Tax Consulting Services Include:

  1. Tax Services Business Plan
  2. Tax Preparation Business Plan
  3. Tax Consultancy Services
  4. Tax Consulting Services
  5. Tax Consulting
  6. Personal Tax Consultant

Tax Planning For Businesses

Owning your own business has many benefits. You can set your own hours, choose your income, take vacation time when needed, and you will certainly get along well with your boss! However, being a business owner also comes with some challenges, one of which is tax planning. When you work for someone else, many tax considerations are handled by your employer. In this instance, income, social security, and Medicare taxes are withheld from your paycheck.

Tax Planning For Businesses

As a business owner, the responsibility of determining the amount of taxes you owe falls on you, and the type of business entity you operate will determine what taxes you will need to pay. As such, you may want to take steps to ensure that you complete all tax requirements effectively and beneficially for your business and for you. What you need is expert Tax Consulting Services.

Types of Business Taxes

When you started your business, you had to decide on what type of business entity to establish. The form of business you chose dictates what type of taxes you must pay and how you will need to pay them.

  • There are generally four types of business taxes:
  • Income Tax
  • Self-Employment Tax
  • Excise Tax
  • Employment Tax

Reduce Your Taxes With Smart Tax Planning

Consider the following to reduce your taxes with smart tax planning resulting in great deductions & savings.

  • Deduct the business expenses associated with your motor vehicle, using either the standard mileage allowance or your actual business-related vehicle expenses to calculate your deduction.
  • Depreciate business equipment, furnishings, and vehicles.
  • Deduct the appropriate portion of business meals, travel, and entertainment expenses.
  • Always take the self-employed health insurance deduction if you qualify.
  • Deduct some or all of the cost of long-term care insurance for you and your spouse.
  • Consider setting up a health savings account (HSA), a tax-exempt trust, or custodial account established in conjunction with a high-deductible health plan to set aside tax-free funds for health care expenses.
  • Write off some start-up costs.

These are actually just some of the many expert ideas we use at Syriac CPA, the best Tax Consulting Services offered in California. For more, contact our experts today!

Tax Preparation, Planning & Consulting Services

There are a lot of complications & loopholes in tax laws, and you need to make sure that you have the guidance of top Tax Consulting Services like Syriac CPA for best Tax Preparation & Planning. Providers of Tax Consulting Services are very familiar with the things that you need to do and the loopholes that you can exploit to reduce the amount of tax that you need to pay. They will explain why it is safe and what is a good option for you. This will save you from all the troubles you may encounter whenever you try to minimize your tax.

Tax Consulting Services provided by Syriac CPA can offer their service on a "per consultation" basis or on a monthly basis. The sort of service that you need will depend on the level of income that you currently have. You can also contact us to determine which option would be best for the income that you have. This will also help you determine the best service that suits your needs and your budget.

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