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IRS Tax Problems

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The Internal Revenue Service is the federal enforcement and tax collection agency. This agency has some harsh penalties for the tax evaders. At times honest taxpayers, too, face many issues. Generally, such a crisis arises when people cannot interpret these laws correctly. However, to deal with the IRS tax problem, help from IRAS Tax Portal & professionals is always available at Syriac CPA. There are many accomplished firms that have qualified professionals who can speak and negotiate with federal officials on your behalf.

How To Use Tools

The Internal Revenue Service has a website for taxpayers and preparers at, making it easier for taxpayers to get answers to tax questions, download forms and publications, and instructions for tax forms. The website also includes some tools for the taxpayer to use, such as:

  1. Withholding Calculator:- This calculates your withholding allowances on your Form W-4 - the form you file with your payroll department when you begin employment.
  2. Locate a Tax Preparer in your area:- This allows the taxpayer to locate professional tax preparers in their area. You can search by name or zip code.
  3. FreeFile Website access:- The site gives you access to dozens of free tax return software providers to do your taxes.
  4. Where's My Refund?:- This page lets you track the status of your tax return and gives you the date refund was sent or electronically filed.
  5. Understanding a Notice or Letter:- If you receive a notice or letter from the IRS, it is important to respond in the time frame they give you. The letter or notice will explain the reason for the contact and what you need to do to resolve the issue. It discusses a specific issue with the tax return. Many of these notices or letters are often resolved by providing additional information via the mail. Look in the upper right corner of the document for Notice # and the tax year in question.
  6. Applying for Innocent Spouse Relief:- When you have been charged with your spouse or ex-spouse's tax debt even when you didn't incur the debt together. File Form 8857, Request for Innocent Spouse Relief, attaching an explanation as to why you are an injured spouse.
  7. Appeals Process: The Appeals Process is to resolve tax return conflicts, without legal assistance, on a fair and impartial basis and in a manner that will enhance voluntary compliance and public confidence.

What Does an IRS Individual Do To Get their Refund Details?

If you want to get the status of your refund, there is a tool online called "Where's My Refund?" Information about the refund can be obtained 72 hours after the IRS has acknowledged that they have received the income tax return that you filed online. However, if it was done through the mail, it is going to be three to four weeks before you get information on your refund.

What Are The Steps In Applying for an Online Payment Agreement?

  1. First, you have to know if you are qualified. Being qualified means that your total amount due includes penalties that do not go beyond $25,000.
  2. Gather all the details entirely, like your SEN and TIN
  3. Submit.

How Will I Know If I Need to File an Income Tax Return?

If you're in to get a refund, if you're self-employed and you earned over $400; If you sold your house. If any of these apply to you, then it means you need to file an income tax return.

What is an ITIN?

An ITIN is - Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. This is given only to those persons who don't have a Social Security Number.

Where Can You Find the Applicable Federal Rates for the Taxes?

You can find it at

Federal Income Tax Help

Federal income tax is a significant issue, and you can make the chore of paying this tax much easier if you take some time and learn about the process. Paying taxes does not have to be complicated, and there are many resources out there that will help you through all of the steps and provide you with the answers you are looking for. Expert Help from IRAS Tax Portal & professionals is always available at Syriac CPA.

  1. Collect your Tax Documents.
  2. Determine your AGI.
  3. Review the Free File FAQs
  4. Choose your online Tax Assistant
  5. Efile with Free File.
  6. Use Direct Deposit.
  7. Pay Electronically.

Once you are done with the procedure, ensure you get confirmation from the Internal Revenue Service that your efile has been submitted. Syriac CPA is a full-service IRS Tax Consultant offering a great range of services:


Choose Syriac CPA For IRS Tax Consultation

In general, it could be expected that taxpayers dread filing their taxes each year. The three letters: I-R-S may make one break out into a cold sweat or breathe a sigh of frustration. The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) is a government agency responsible for collecting taxes and enforcement of the tax laws enacted in 1882 by President Lincoln and still continues today. There are many ways to look at the IRS; they can be your friend or your foe, depending on whether you owe taxes or expect a refund.

You have a right to representation. It is better to engage expert help from IRAS Tax Portal & professionals that are always available at Syriac CPA to speak on your behalf while dealing with such problems. Even if you are in the middle of a discussion or audit, you can ask for the help of a professional. In most such cases, the IRS will stop and reschedule the discussion. Contact our experts today for more information.

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