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Syriac CPA provides your business with professional back-office support, without the overhead.

Accounts Receivable Management

We know what a headache it can be to collect on outstanding debts and balances. As an experienced Accounts Receivable Management company, we work for small to medium businesses in different segments.

The accounts receivable management process is made more difficult if you don’t have accounts receivable policies set in place and don't have dedicated staff trained to manage the process. We offer a solution that will help you to collect the funds you deserve.

We optimize the way you create and process invoices for customers by establishing systems to help you:

  1. Follow up on past-due invoices and help stabilize cash flow
  2. Send invoices and statements via regular or electronic mail
  3. Strategic Tax Planning & Consulting
  4. Receive payments by credit card, Paypal, e-payment or check
  5. Deposit checks electronically — no more trips to the bank
  6. Keep account balances up to date by recording all incoming payments
  7. Set up a system that will allow you to download and sync transactions with your company’s books from e-commerce sites
  8. Track sales tax and prepare your sales tax filings (monthly, quarterly and/or annually)
  9. Invoice customers from your location, or, allow us to gather the necessary data and process invoices for you

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