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Syriac CPA can help you implement technology into your billing management, reducing the hassles as well as increasing productivity and saving.

Accounts Payable Management

In today’s competitive business landscape where information is required instantly, accounts payable management is one of the most critical tasks for businesses. Failure to adopt new electronic processes can affect vendor relationships, cash saving and cost you working capital, which will affect your business bottom-line, resulting in a reduction in your overall profit.

Outsourcing the accounts payable process allows for greater efficiencies, reducing processing costs, providing better visibility and control in maximizing profit.

With years of experience in outsourcing accounts payable services, our team is ready to take your business from conventional accounts payable to completely paperless accounts payable automation services.

When it comes to making payments to vendors, our services include:

  1. Establish an electronic filing storage solution, eliminating the need for a hard-copy filing system, helping to minimize the total time required to complete the transaction and reducing the cost of processing.
  2. Contact vendors and establish an electronic system for them to remit bills.
  3. Train your employees on how to access invoice documents via the Web and send paper bills for electronic payment.
  4. Develop a bill approval process and define authorized individuals within your organization who can approve bills online, without having to print any paperwork
  5. Establish a system that enables you to pay vendors remotely (by electronic check or direct deposit), eliminating manual check signing and the cost of envelopes and postage. The option. To print a check from your location would still be available should you need to pay a vendor immediately.
  6. Determine which purchases need to be capitalized and track the associated depreciation.

Contact us at (818) 960-9758 to learn more about our Artesia Accounts Payable Management services.

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